Acquisitions and more acquisitions. Vodafone the leading mobile operator in the world which has more than 160 million customers in 26 countries and employs 67,000 people globally.. and is the 11th most valuable company in the world.. has buyed Hutchison essar’s 67 % stake in $11 billion.

After china operator emerging as the world’s largest carrier, they have tightened their belt for some serious business.Vodafone has previously partnered with Youtube to provide videos to its customers, so that they can watch videos right in their mobiles.

Intel’s new Teraflop chip.

=equals to =

Intel’s new chip capable of 1 trillion floating-point operations per second,
known as a teraflop..which is equivalent to sandia’s ASCI Red supercomputer
which has 10,000 processors and needed 104 cabinets
and more than 2,500 square in size..

but this massive processing power in a chip is yet to fully developed as
intel is yet to find way to interface it with memory..
also it will need around 5 more years to make general processing cores
out of this research. And do you remember the Moore’s law..

Key points:

  • 1 teraflops processing power.
  • 65 nm fabrication technique.
  • 80 processing cores.
  • uses VLIW (very long instruction word) architecture.
  • 100 million transistors on the chip.

Now Embed videos in your website or blog easily with the help of Google AJAX Search API (Beta).  Embedding a video search control on your web page or blog will help your visitors as they can watch videos right on your site, as well as searching for ones they are interested in without leaving your site. You can even customize the video search control, there is a wizard which will write the code for you.

There are three simple steps:(as in fig.)

  1. choose categories.
  2. Give your website or blog name.
  3. Generate the code to be pasted on your website.

I tried it and its too easy. For selecting categories just click on the available menu and the video will start in the same window.

To embed videos on your site go here


Embed videos in your website:

Have a look…

YouTube Preview Image

Wow quite impressive ,well designed game for the fps lovers another game by CRYTEK after FARCRY. This game took a major leap in reality ..its greenery is super cool ..based on directX 10 ..this is the game which will left u wanting for more, realism is great in the video above .. there is a scene in which trees are being cutted down by machinegun and looks so realistic thats smart A.I and smart reality that is been incorparated in this game.

This game is gonna rock the world of gamers and i myself is awaiting the release of this fantastic game.

Update: Release date of Crysis has been set to Nov 16

SONY ERICSSON upcoming mobiles in India.

Three models are worth going for ..
these mobiles have some cool features and the killer
looks …

Features :
1. 2.0 megapixel Cyber-shot™ phone. Internet lets you enjoy browsing the Web.
3. Instant email.
4.The Bluetooth™ experience.
5.picture blogging.
6. and yes killer looks.

Update: Price dropped to Rs 9500/-

1. 2.0-megapixel camera.
2. digital zoom.
3. video recording capabilities.
4. built-in flash.
5. W610i Walkman® phone.
6. a slim and compact mobile phone.


1. 3.2-megapixel camera .
2. Cyber-shot™ phone with auto focus.
3. Xenon flash.
4. crisp, high-resolution images .
5. other features are common like in above phones.
6. dark room magic for shooting in night.

Just wait and watch for these mobile beauties .

sony ericsson will be launching them soon ..

A brief review..

Philips has launched
a digital photo-
frame model no. 9FF2M4 .
which has a 8 inch wide diagonal display..

its 16-bit (65,536 potential colors) display has built-in memory, in which u can store upto 150 photos. also it has slots for Compact Flash, SD, MMC, xD, and Memory Stick memory cards. also it has a option for uploading photos by a usb data cable from camera.. this device also automatically resizes images to 720×540 pixels . it also has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery , a fully recharged battery can give you backup of 60 minutes.. it has an three button interface..which is better than its previous model..
they have done a good work with its improved interface.. it is priced around 250 $s.
expect to see more such devices in the near future …

ZINC stands for zero ink technology. A photo printing revolutionary technology which requires no ink, rubber, toner, catridges etc. For printing : a special type of paper is used which is pre -dyed i.e dye crystals are pre embedded into the paper. These crystals are transformed into colours by the action of heat. The zinc paper will look like ordinary paper ..

Key features of ZINC technology:

  • extremely small
  • no ink
  • fast printing
  • printing on the go
  • best printing value

Gizmo Call is a modernized way to make web-based calls developed by the team who brought you the Gizmo Project voice and IM software, as well as the SIPphone VoIP platform, a robust network and directory for efficiently carrying VoIP calls.

Now you can make free calls anywhere in india and other countries free of charge but only for 5 minutes per day and 10 minutes per day if you register and it is great i have personally tried it just before posting this.

Do give it a try it works you have to just download a flash plugin before you can talk freely isn’t it great.


  1. open”phone no. with country code”.for eg …(my personalized calling link)
  2. it will ask for flash plugin install it .
  3. press the call button thats it.
  4. ofcourse u need headphones and mic for talking..

source is ..(for personalized link)

Hi its Shashank i am a 22 years old guy currently pursuing my electronics engg. (Final Year) my hobbies include surfing, forumming, reading, web designing, watching latest Hollywood flicks and the other geeky stuff. This is my window of understanding the tech world. You will mostly find tech stuff here, as i m a hardcore technology lover, you might also find something related to electronics as it is my subject .

PRESENT scenario
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At i will posting about the latest technology news,updates,new innovations in technology ,what is going to be the future of technology and some cool tips and tricks…and a lot more that would definitely help you in understanding technology better.

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