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30 July 2010 Youtube


Previously this week we shared with you some cool YouTube tricks such as playing classical Snake game while watching YouTube videos and giving all your uploaded videos a 3D effect. Now we have some good news for all the YouTube users! YouTube has now  increased its video upload limit from 10 minutes to 15 minutes for non-partners.


Now Give Your YouTube Videos 3D Effect

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27 July 2010 Youtube

3d laptop

With more and more studios releasing films in 3D our fad towards this technology has been ignited exponentially. To play with this technology, now you can watch and share your videos on YouTube in 3D with this simple trick.


Now Play Classic Snake Game While Your YouTube Video Buffers

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25 July 2010 Youtube


Well now we all can play classical Snake game, while our favorite video buffers on YouTube. When I read about the trick  I was unsure whether it was legit or  fake but after testing and playing the game on YouTube myself  I can confirm that the trick works perfectly with out a glitch. (more…)

31 January 2009 Internet,Youtube

Long time ago i shared about KissYouTube in which you just had to add kiss before the url to download it, now a similar simple service is available which you can use to download YouTube videos in the standard quality FLV or in high quality MP4 format without using any programs or FireFox extensions.

How to Download YouTube Videos easily:


YouTube goes High Definition, Finally!

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9 December 2008 Tech News,Youtube

YouTube added the option “Watch in High Definition” around a year ago but it was merely a fake thing. The videos got clear a bit but they were nowhere near the real High Definition standard. Fooling the crowd for almost an year, YouTube finally enters the HD arena.

Just a week ago, YouTube converted the videos to Wide View. And now a new option is appearing on YouTube pages – “Watch in HD” instead of “Watch in High Definition”. And this time the quality of videos in HD mode are crispy, sharp and clear.


YouTube to have Free Full Length TV Shows with Ads

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12 October 2008 Tech News,Youtube



This will be good news for many of you. YouTube is planning to broadcast full length episodes of some old and gold TV Shows. And if you are wondering, how it will be free, then the TV shows will also contain commercials, so that is also part of the package. Many people with good bandwidth prefer watching TV shows online and YouTube might be looking to capitalize on that. (more…)

21 August 2008 Gaming,Pc-games,Youtube

Need For Speed: Undercover game pic has released a new NFS Undercover trailer bigger than the first one. This game is nothing less than a hollywood movie, EA has employed the finest state of the art production studios, spicy hollywood actress Maggie Q who will be playing the role of Federal Agent, game story inspired by the movie ‘Transporter’ all this makes it a better game than its predecessors as according to the initial reports, you get to play a undercover hero in it. Just like in NFS Most Wanted, you fight to be become most wanted this time you will be going under cover and there is no one to help you , you’re on your own. (more…)

Video: Prince of Persia [upcoming] Features New Female Ally Elika

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4 June 2008 Gaming,Pc-games,Youtube

Prince of persia

With hint of upcoming version of Prince of Persia(still unnamed), fans are already ablaze with excitement because most of us thought that the trilogy series has ended with “The Two Thrones”, the new version isn’t a sequel but is expected to have a completely different story with a totally new gameplay, fighting sequences and mind blowing music as always. In a recent Ubidays event organized by Ubisoft new PoP trailer has surfaced, it shows Prince in company of a new ally named Elika co-op fighting enemy known as the Hunter.

Watch the video after jump:


1 March 2008 Internet,Tech News,Youtube

If the Co-founder and chief technology officer Steve Chen is to be believed Google’s popular video sharing website Youtube will soon support live streaming of videos. In a recent party in New York City Chen disclosed the news and said that they will be doing this in 2008. (more…)


A new startup company Skyfire based in Mountain View, California has just joined the league of free mobile web browsers with its opening of the private beta of Skyfire which is currently available for a limited number of public users. The idea behind Skyfire’s web browser is to provide full feature and functionality of the desktop browsers in mobiles which includes Flash video, Quicktime, Javascript, Ajax and more. The first version of the Skyfire’s free mobile browser would be made available for Windows mobile 5 and 6 platform and there are future plans to release the browser for symbian mobile too.


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