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Asus breaks Eee series with the N10

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17 September 2008 Hardware,UMPC

“N10” Doesn’t it looks like we are talking about Nokia’s N series, but fortunately this time N10 is not another Nokia phone. Here is the new PC from Asus which ditches the Eee line and comes out with the new N series. The notebook (or should we call this another netbook from Asus) sports a Intel Atom® N270 Processor, fills up to 2 Gigs of RAM with a 10.2” inch screen.



Intel Unveils SuperGadget UrbanMax: UMPC, Laptop, Tablet AIO

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20 August 2008 Laptops,Tablet PC,UMPC

Intel UMPC Urbanmax-touchscreen

Intel has unveiled a stunning new UrbanMax concept which is a laptop/UMPC/Tablet PC all in one at the IDF 2008( Intel Developer forum). UrbanMax is a code name of Intel latest concept convertible featuring a resistive touchscreen, UrbanMax is seen as a new breed of super-gadgets having a slider keyboard and tilting touchscreen which can be adjusted according to one’s need. (more…)

20 January 2008 Laptops,Tablet PC,UMPC


Fujitsu has started rolling out its latest Lifebook P1620 convertible tablet PC. The New Lifebook P1620 is touted to be smaller than the other tablets available , it uses a small 8.9 inch LCD with stylus along with 1.2GHz ultra low-voltage Core 2 Duo, at least 60GB of storage in a 1.8-inch drive, and up to 2GB of memory courtesy of small RAM slots. Wireless over 802.11a/b/g as well as PC Card and SD card slots also fit into the case. Despite these, the computer weighs just 2.2 pounds, Fujitsu says.


18 January 2008 Hardware,Laptops,UMPC


The famous Eee Laptops from Asus is in the news again, this time Asus is bidding touch screen manufacturers to supply touch screen interface to the Eee PC’s. The next generation of the Asus Eee laptops will see touch screen interface which are expected to release later this year. It is being said that on volume production it would only add $15 to the present cost of Eee PC’s.


HCL Infosystems has introduced its low cost MiLeap series of laptops that aim to change the way laptops are being seen. The low cost affordable laptops can prove to be a landmark in the laptop industry as the ultra portable laptops have prices starting from Rs 13,390/- only.The new laptops will offer full pc functionality and mobility at a cheap price.


17 October 2007 Cool Gadgets,Mobiles,UMPC

nokia e61i

I have finally purchased the all in one wonder Nokia E61i three days back and its only now that i have freed myself to write this post. Actually its not just a mobile phone its a small PC in your pocket. The best Nokia phone i have ever seen in terms of features and pricing.

What made me zeroed upon Nokia E61i ? (more…)


Samsung has unfolded the specs of its latest SPH-P9200 UMPC which has a folding QWERTY keypad and it’s actually a mobile phone too. It looks like a cool gadget which comes with a superb 1 GHz processor and 512MB RAM memory and 30 GB hard disk space. So its is much bigger on the PC side rather on phone side thus it can act as a complete desktop/laptop replacement as it’s Wi-Fi enabled too. (more…)

Yukyung’s X2 AIO Ultimate Portable Media Player with DMB

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26 August 2007 Cool Gadgets,Gizmos,UMPC

X2 ultra PMP DMB

This X2 All In One PMP(Portable Media Player) is the best i have ever seen in terms of features and functionality.It has a 4.3 inch touchscreen with 480 x 272 pixels. It has support for both audio and video playback with integrated GPS functionality. It also has DMB(Digital Media Broadcast) streaming television.Now thats everything and probably more that you might expect with a PMP. (more…)

E-TEN unviels Glofiish X800 at CeBIT 2007

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18 March 2007 Mobiles,UMPC

E-TEN the company who has Released E-TEN X500 last year is back again with yet another stunning model Glofiish X800 and this time with loads of cool features. It provides easy access to streaming video, VoIP, and video calling.

Main features:

Supports 3.5G connectivity.
Supports HSDPA(High speed download access packet). W-CDMA to boost your upload/download speeds.
It comes with the latest Windows Mobile 6 edition which is recently launched.
Supports Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS and Bluetooth.
Two digital cameras: Autofocus 2-MP and a front mounted
VGA camera for video calling.
Glofiish X800 is very thin and has 113.5×60.5×15.8 mm dimensions.

Hot and Happening it’s CEBIT 2007: Upcoming mobiles and gadgets.

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What is CeBIT(Centre of Office and Information technology).

CeBIT is one of the world’s most important computer expos.
It is held in Hanover, Germany each spring and is a barometer
of information technology. With an exhibition area of 400,000
m² and 700,000 visitors, it is bigger than COMUTEX.

The 2007 expo will expand from 15 March to 21 March.
It had more than 6,200 exhibitors from around 70 countries
all over the world.
see wiki for CeBIT.

New Products at CeBIT:

Samsung Q1Ultra

Next generation Q1 ultra …
with Video conferencing capabilities..

Digital Cube G43

Worlds smallest UMPC as the person in the video says, it runs a full Windows XP, has 4.3 inch screen,costs 700$ with the Windows XP licence, but will not be available
before July. Comes with 60GB 1.8 inch hard disk drive,

256mb ram on the AMD Geode LX800 processor.

Commodore Gravel wireless streamer

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