Low Latency Speech Recognition Technology By Microsoft Research: Voice Search Evolved

22 March 2013 By Shashank

Want to have a sneak peak at the next generation of real time speech recognition tech that could also generate said text as we speak, then have a look at the MSR (Microsoft Research) demo below using Windows Phone 8 running the custom apps for voice search, it shows that next gen phones will be able to recognize voice much faster (low latency) and also in the presence of ambient noise. The app also types text as we speak which is a really cool feature.

new voice search latency-2

Good news for Windows Phone 8 users is that they could be able to use this in the next software update, however, Microsoft could be saving this and other Voice search improvements for the next Windows Blue OS coming out next year.

Research demo by MSFTKitchen:

Learn more at: MSFTKitchen | MS Research | Projects | TellMe

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