Affordable Full HD PC Gaming with Radeon HD 7790

22 March 2013 By Shashank

Consoles are yet to upgrade to some serious Full HD (1080p) gaming which won’t be happening until we see PS4 and Xbox Durango which are due in early 2014. But, if you are PC gamer then things are moving pretty fast already, AMD has announced an affordable Radeon HD 7790 graphics card which is fabricated using the 28nm manufacturing process and promises 1080p gaming with quieter fan operation. Priced at around $150 (Rs. 8250) Radeon HD 7790 sits between the HD 7850 and 7770 and is also CrossFire compatible.

radeonhd7790-full hd gaming

Compared to the HD7770 Radeon 7790 consumes 85 watts, at just 5 Watt increase in power consumption, it offers up to 50% more processing power.

Radeon HD 7790 Release Date: April 2nd ( US)

More Official Details:

Radeon HD 7790-3Radeon HD 7790

Radeon HD 7790-4

Radeon HD 7790-6

Radeon HD 7790-7

Radeon HD 7790-7

Radeon HD 7790 vs GTX 650

Sysoft Sandra 2013 comparison of HD 7790 and NVIDIA GTX 650Ti shows 56% more performance at Shader processing.

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