Sony PS Vita Price Dropped in Japan, Expected Indian Price?

18 February 2013 By Shashank

PS Vita Price

Sony has announced a significant price cut of PS Vita in Japan, previously Vita in Japan is used to be priced at 30,000 yen ( INR ~ 17500), after the price cut, the new price is 19,980 yen ( INR ~ 11,600). The reduced price will be applied from 28th Feb, 2013, more details regarding this will be revealed at the PlayStation event on Feb 20th where PS4 will also be announced. Users will also get a free 7 day PlayStation Plus trial for Vita through which they can enjoy a number of PlayStation Vita games in this time period.

PlayStation Vita India Price in March, 2013 :

Currently the PS Vita in India retails at Rs. 19,900. After the price cut we expect that the new price will be Rs. 13,500 or Rs 14,999 with a free game. Anyhow, if you are thinking of purchasing a PS Vita this month, we suggest you hold of your purchase for a while.

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