PlayStation 4 Controller to Come with Inbuilt Mic and Motion Tracking Light

16 February 2013 By Shashank


PlayStation 4 big reveal is just around the corner but until then feast your eyes on the leaked pictures of the PS4 controller which could be a major upgrade from the DS3 controller of the PS3. The leaked images shows small touch panel, Motion tracking blue light which will be tracked by the PS Eye or the inbuilt PS4 Eye and finally a mic and 3.5 mm audio jack  which is very much needed. Though, these are great but do note that this is just the prototype controller of the PlayStation 4, the final design could change a lot from this including the feature set.


PS4 Controller with Mic

Playstation 4 controller with motion tracking

The above images shows the PS4 controller’s motion tracking light along with the PS4 prototype, via gametrailers forum.

Sony has in the meantime uploaded another video: Evolution of PlayStation: The Beginning

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Amit says:

Mic feature is something that will be very useful in fps and co op games, can’t wait for the PS4, will buy just for uncharted 4, imagine full HD gameplay …

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