Sony Unveils New 500GB PS3 Bundle for India with 2 Free Games

2 November 2012 By Shashank

PS3 India Super slim 2012

Sony has just updated its PlayStation 3 offering in India, now the users have the option to buy the latest PS3 Super Slim with 500 GB hard drive and 2 great titles Uncharted 3 and GT 5 Academy Edition for Rs. 19,990. This is the official new PS3 bundle starting November, 2012. Retailer Game4u has also revealed new offers for the console, check them out below.

PS3 Super Slim 2012 India Bundle and Offers:

PS3 super slim offer

Exclusive Game4u online offers: Additional free game with HDMI cable.

PS3 500 GB (Uncharted 3 + GT5 AE) + HDMI cableĀ  and one extra game to be chosen from God of War 3, INFAMOUS, Sports Champion and Modnation Racers.

For new gamers, we suggest the GoW3 bundle, as Sports champion would require additional purchase of Move accessory and the others are just ok.

To recap, you are getting three PS3 exclusive(UC3, GT5, GoW3) and a 500GB edition of PS3 in Rs. 19,990.

Visit Game4u.

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Abilash says:

Game 4u have taken down the offers you mentioned. Cab you get in touch with them and find out if similar offers will come?

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