Download Torrent Files Directly via Chrome Browser without Desktop Client with Torque–OneClick

8 July 2012 By Shashank

direct torrent download via chrome browser

BitTorrent  has just announced the alpha version of Torque which a powerful new platform for putting things on web, they have announced Torque labs where several web apps demonstrate what BitTorrent Torque can do. An app named OneClick is now available which is an alternative to downloading torrent files without the desktop application, now you can directly download torrent movies, music via your web browser, OneClick app for Chrome allows you to download files with .torrent extension as normal in-browser downloads like any other file. There will be nothing to manage just plain simple torrent files downloaded to your computer without torrent client(see pic above).

How to download torrent files directly with seeds on web:

Currently OneClick is available for Chrome Browser as a plugin which you can download from the link below.

Download ONECLICK Chrome browser plugin for direct torrent downloads. You can also read the making of OneClick.

What is BitTorrent Torque:

BitTorrent Torque is a JavaScript interface to a custom torrent client that exposes all the power of BitTorrent to web developers.  Simply put, it allows anyone to utilize our powerful technology to create completely fresh and new experiences for users with just a couple lines of code.

As this is just the start, more and more developers will utilize the Torque platform to create great apps, another app that is worth mentioning is Paddlelover which allows direct sharing from person to person via browser.

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