Microsoft Surface Tablet: Innovative Windows 8 Touch Tablet 2012

23 June 2012 By Shashank


It appears that Microsoft has finally made use of the hundreds of brilliant minds working at the company to create a product that people will definitely love. Its not like anything you have previously seen from Microsoft, it’s a complete Microsoft designed Surface tablet that will be manufactured and sold by Microsoft. The Surface Win 8 tablet which is also branded as Windows 8 RT/Pro tablet features several innovative features and technology, it uses VaporMg hard magnesium case which is light weight and provide ample protection to the tablet, Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass 2 HD 10.6 inch optically bonded Display is also making its appearance, dual Wi-Fi antennas for better connectivity, you will also get HDMI, USB and microSD ports. Check out more pictures of the surface tablet and other details after the jump.

Surface Windows 8 Tablet touch covers

Microsoft Surface tablet also has the options for Smartcovers that doubles up as ultra thin keyboard, there will be two types of keyboard options to choose from, the other one will have real key presses, check out the black keyboard cover in the photo below, these are magnetic covers that just slots into position. Another interesting and well thought out design element is a non intrusive stand that is there when you need it otherwise just close it and you won’t even know it’s there.


Surface Windows 8 Tablet-stand

The Surface Tablet below is with the different type of keyboard with real keys and still slim.

Surface Windows 8 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Surface Tablet will have variety of Windows 8 apps at the launch, the tablet will be powered by Intel processors, however ARM based version of the Windows 8 Surface tablet will also be made available.

Windows 8 Surface Tablet versions:

Two Surface versions HD Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro with Full HD resolution will be made available. RT version will have 32GB and 64 GB storage, whereas the Pro Surface tablet will have 64GB and 128 GB storage.

Surface Windows 8 Tablet Price and Release Date:

Kudos to Microsoft for launching the product and not just teasing us with a prototype, however the pricing and release date information of Surface Windows 8 tablet is still not available.

Check out the Surface Tablet 2012 Video:

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Shan says:

wow, this is a cool Windows 8 tablet, however i think the price will be on the higher side, if Microsoft can launch this Surface tablet at a price of around Rs. 30,000 then it will definitely be a winner here in India. Common microsoft get the pricing right…

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