The Future of Mobile Displays: 5 inch Full HD with 440 pixels per inch by LG

28 May 2012 By Shashank


future mobile display-lg

It seems that LG has beaten everybody else as far as Mobile displays are concerned, recently the company showcased the most pixel dense mobile display which is miles ahead of the iPhone’s retina display. The announced mobile display is a 5 inch beauty that is capable of Full HD resolution with 440 ppi (pixels per inch) over 16:9 aspect ratio, the technology used is the LG’s variation of IPS technology named as AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching).

Features of the LG Mobile display are:

  • 5 inch Full HD display with incredibly high ppi
  • IPS display – wide viewing angles
  • Brighter and original colors images
  • Low power consumption

The display will start to feature in mobile phones starting from Q2, 2012. It will be first showcased on June 4 at the 2012 SID Display Week in Boston.

via Engadget

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