LG Unveils Thinnest 1MM Cinema Screen 3D TVs with Dual Play Technology in India

3 May 2012 By Shashank

3D TV 2012

Yesterday, at a press conference in New Delhi, LG India unveiled the new game changing Cinema Screen display that is just 1MM thin and has 3D capabilities, Cinema Screen Smart TV is highly optimized for 3D viewing with enhanced 3D Depth control, it extracts the ‘depth map’ of 3D source and adjusts it for breathtaking 3D. Another awesome feature was integrated Dual Play FPR technology where two players can play multiplayer games simultaneously without splitting the screen, each player will see their respective full screen, its like two players playing on two screens.

3d tv 2012 lg

Dual Play uses LG FPR Technology which is not available with any other company at this time. It uses Cinema 3D TV and polarized glasses to work its magic. We were demoed using XBox racing game Forza 3, instead of split screen you can now get full screen for each player. The 3D experience of this TV was amazing unlike anything that I have seen before.

LM9500 LG Cinema 3D TV Features:

  • Dual Core Processor
  • 72 Inch Display
  • Slimmed 3DTV IPS Display
  • Intel Wi-Di , Wireless Display tech – connect Laptop, PCs to TV directly
  • Dual Play Technology – FPR
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Gesture Control Remote
  • Smart TV: Allows you to browse Internet and supports apps via lgappstv.com
  • Priced at Rs 7,00,000

Intro Video

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UdiT says:

Just amazing, love the promising technology of dual display using single screen!

This is just jaw-dropping and the specs are just mind-blowing. With a television like this, I doubt I’d ever want to go out. Dual display on a single screen to boot.

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