Hitachi Unveils 4 TeraByte Deskstar Hard Drives

13 December 2011 By Shashank

Touro 4 tb hdd external 4TB HDD Hitcachi

Hitachi has unveiled new high capacity hard drives for the ever increasing data storage requirements of today’s consumer. The Desktar 5K4000 is one of the highest capacity hard drive that is available in the market right now, it is a 3.5 inch 4 TB HDD with 32MB Cache and features Hitachi’s CoolSpin technology that saves energy, runs cooler and is optimized for performance. Hitachi also announced an external 4TB Touro External HDD that will become available in January, 2012.


The Touro external hard drive will be housing the Desktar 5K4000 with the similar feature set and will have USB 3.0 support for faster data transfer.  The Hitachi Retail Kit comes with a instruction manual for easy installation and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux machines.

Hitachi 5K4000 Deskstar and Touro Price

4TB 5K4000 Deskstar is priced at $400 (~Rs. 20,000)

4TB Touro external hard drive is priced at $420 (~Rs. 21,000)

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chs says:

nice but 20,000 RS ,,ha ha ha

Ashok Kumar says:

Too cheap and 4TB is not at all expensive.

james braselton says:

hi there why 4 terabytes soo cheap becuase it is way too slow only 4,000 rpms

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