Track all Interactions with your Contacts using Ping

3 November 2011 By Sourojit

Now a days it is a common requirement that we want to see more and more information about the contacts we have. We want not only their information stored by us but all that is there on social media about or by that person.

There are a lot many Android applications in the market that provide us with this feature. But right now we will see Ping which promises to be a bit different. It collects data from Gtalk, Facebook or its internal client Seven IM.

This application shows you all conversations you recently had with each contact through call, SMS or IM. For each of these, Ping displays a small icon beside each contact and also a purple plus (+) sign on top to invite them to Ping. There are also small numeric figures on top of each icon that signifies the number of unread text or chat messages or unattended calls.

From settings, we can choose the degree of opaqueness of the application and also launching criteria by swiping across. Hence it becomes easier to track all conversations done with any particular contact.

Download from Android Market: Ping

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