Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

25 November 2011 By Shashank

Norton Internet Security2012

Norton Internet Security has been refreshed again with a new look and surprisingly the improvements are not just cosmetic, its performance has also been improved drastically, it loads effortlessly and is very easy on the system resources. Norton Internet Security 2012 also comes with improved version of all the features that were present in NIS 2011. List of features in NIS 2012 can be found below.

 norton 2012 reputation scan 

Norton Internet Security 2012 Key Features

Norton Identity Safe :

norton identity safe 2012

If you worry about your personal information then with Norton Identity Safe you can easily store your passwords in the cloud which can be accessed from simplified login experience from any PC with NIS 2012 installed.

Sonar Tech :

This is the new technology that is being used by the current generation of security softwares for detecting and disabling threats based on the suspicious behavior, it is pretty effective.

Norton Insight and Download Insight :

These features provides the community feedback of programs based on how many Norton users use that particular program, if the program has very few users then you should take caution.

Norton Management :


Easily manage your Norton account online, download the latest software after registration anytime and say goodbye to installation from CD/DVDs.

Scan Timings :

Scanning time of NIS 2012 is quick and that too without sacrificing the speed of the system, you can work normally while it scans for threats in the background. It also has automatic background scan feature that will scan your PC when idle. Ratings

9.5 out of 10 – Great performance, a must have security suite.

Norton Internet Security 2012 India Price

NIS 2012 is priced at Rs 1,165(MRP) for 1PC license and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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