How to Access Remote Desktop From Google Chrome

2 November 2011 By Sourojit

Sometimes when we have trouble with our systems and we do not know how to fix it, we ask a friend or someone who we know could handle that problem. Generally we are instructed by them step by step and we tell them the errors coming up and the things are solved. But there are places and certain problems that may be critical and also complex for us to follow instructions in order to properly troubleshoot them. Then arise the need to show that problem to the person concern directly. It is not possible that we will take our system to them or they can come up to us in person. In this situation we take the help of making connections with the system of that person by remote desktop and let him deal with it himself.

There are lots of remote desktop programs in the market but for a beginner it is difficult to understand and use it. Hence Chrome has come up with this new feature of remote desktop in its browser itself. If you have this plug in of Chrome you can use this feature to connect you system to another for remote desktop. The only need being that the other system with which you are connecting must also have this feature installed.

In order to start using it, the master computer starts the extension and proceeds to set up permission for both the systems such that both their operating systems can communicate. There are step by step instructions for this and a small installation. In the slave computer we need to select “Share this computer” and in master “Access a shared computer”.

This is a good feature for the beginners and it has a good performance when there is no other load on the two systems and net connectivity is good. Be sure to use reliable connections. It is true that it is slower than the programs like Team Viewer and etc.

Download: Chrome Remote Desktop


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