Effective Tool for Hands Free Messaging: Sonalight Text by Voice

7 November 2011 By Sourojit

There are lot of applications in the market that compose text by voice. But they require lot of physically taping the screen. This takes up lot of attention of the user. So if you happen to drive and use such an application while driving, definitely it becomes pretty unsafe as it is not possible to take your eyes off the road that much. 

Sonalight text by voice is an application that is safe to use while driving. It keeps running in the background once it is launched. Even if your phone is in sleep or fly mode it will respond to your voice without you physically unlocking the screen.

To start using it, simply say text by voice while still having your hands on the wheel. This will launch the application. After this there is voice guidance that will enable you to read text aloud, compose text or send them. It provides a large variety of options all that can be availed by voice. You can use other applications if you want with it running in the background. We have tested this application on Galaxy Ace and it works perfectly fine.

Download: Text By Voice

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