Easy to use Task Reminder for Android: Forget Me Not

6 November 2011 By Sourojit

In previous days we have seen elders maintain lists of work to be done on a paper and carry them around. When a task is finished, strike it off. That was the classical reminder list. Later with the introduction of electronic gadgets we now use our phones to maintain a list of works. In usual practice we write the task name and assign some priority to it and set an alarm. When it goes off we stop it.

In recent times all system are moving to android, hence there is need to have a to-do list for androids also. Forget Me Not allows you to maintain multiple lists of task. When a task is over then it can be marked completed or can be delete by a single tab. If you wish you can delete the entire list itself after completion or delete completed tasks one by one. Giving priority is simple. It can also sort the tasks by priority, completion or alphabetically.

Main Features Forget Me Not:

  • Maintain many lists at the same time.
  • Give priority to your tasks.
  • Mark completed tasks with a single tap.
  • Sort tasks alphabetically, by priority or by completion.
  • Delete the completed tasks one by one or all at once.

Download: Forget Me Not


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