Easy to use Contacts Management for Android: Smartr Contacts

31 October 2011 By Sourojit

Managing contacts now a days can be a tedious job if you have a lot of people to get connected to and even worse if they are spread over a wide region and you have some of them in one list and the others in some different lists. So when you want to send some things fast, you need to transfer them in the current application that you are using. It would be very handy if all your contacts, where ever they may be can be accessed from one application.

Smartr Contacts Beta for Android is one such application. It collects all your contacts at one location. It collects contact information data from your phone, the emails you sent and SMS.

Apart from this if you open the profile of any contact you can get the details and other social activities of the contact. This application also has a list of events and also the screen transition is very smooth with attractive widgets on your screen. Smartr contacts is far better than the contact applications present in stock Android ROMs.



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