DropSync: Free Two way Sync Dropbox Client for Android

31 October 2011 By Sourojit

Dropbox is a widely used service. It is often desired that we sync all our files with that in the Dropbox for back up or storage. But doing this is tedious and there is fair chance that the application may crash. Hence we can go for this DropSync application for android. This gives full two way sync of Dropbox as in desktop version. It is also very safe as when we want to sync, it takes us directly to the login page of the Dropbox hence application do not store the password or username.

Once it is installed it will automatically start syncing the files. You can set the interval. You can instruct it to skip syncing hidden files. It is very efficient as per code and memory size is concerned. It also draws less power from the battery. It detects the kind of network or speed there and changes it’s performance.

With a simple interface it allows users to perform sophisticated sync operations. It has a PRO version that allows additional features like syncing multiple unlimited folders, sync the full Dropbox or instantly upload files without waiting for the auto sync to do it. In free version you can upload all important files in a single folder to use the application efficiently.

Download: DropSync


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