Download Marvel Comics Official App for Android Phones

29 October 2011 By Sourojit

Marvel super heroes are the ones we grow up with and still we cannot have enough of them. If you love them the same way as when you were a kid you can also carry them around in your pocket anywhere you go. The difference being you do not need to carry the paper books instead you can carry them in your Android Smart phones.

This new application on Android lets you download Marvel Comics on your phone or tablet. Now you can read about your favorite heroes like Spider man, Iron man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and more. You can now devour on Marvel’s greatest series by two kind of guide. One is where you can get an animated panel by panel view of the comic. And the other is by the help of a regular device control to zoom and pan through the pages of the exciting stories.

Apart from being a free download it comes with an attractive feature. If you use account all your downloads will be protected by backing them up. Hence if you upgrade your device or accidentally lose it, you will find your comics safe in the cloud.

Download: Marvel Comics App [latest version released on 21 October]


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