Use Smartphone’s Camera to Convert Handwritten Notes to High Quality JPEG Image

7 September 2011 By Varun

If you deal with lot of paper notes and frequently scan them to email or transfer them to your computer as a backup then you must be having a scanner at your home and office. But what if you want to send an urgent note while on the move? In such a case, writing it down manually and sending it can be an option but it is a time-consuming task. This is where CamiApp comes in. It lets you click a photo from your smartphone and then enhances the quality of the “digital note” through AR markers or a black frame.

The app also comes bundled with editing options like free-hand marks, masking tools, and various shapes. You can also fill a particular area of the action marker to tag a note. CamiApp lets you email the final result from within the app, options are also there to upload the notes to Evernote and Dropbox.

CamiApp can be downloaded for free. Currently it is available for iPhone only (iTunes link) while Android version is currently under development.

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