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12 September 2011 By Varun


Recently I have come across a very smart and unique concept. An Android app called Smozzy which is a service that lets you surf the internet via SMS and MMS. In other words, if you have an unlimited SMS plan then it gives you a free way of surfing the web. It may sound strange but the app works just fine.


When you open Smozzy, it provides you with an address/search bar where you type in the desired search query or the URL. Now Smozzy starts working its magic. The app uses SMS service to send the information to its server where it makes a ZIP file of the required data, encode it in PNG, and then send it to the mobile number via MMS. The webpage quality is acceptable and to top it up, you can access all the links on the webpage.

Everything has its limitations and so does Smozzy. The first thing you will notice is that it takes longer to surf due a long process. Secondly, it works only in US and that too with T-Mobile network only. Let us know if you know about other such apps that work outside US or with other networks.

Download Smozzy from here

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Udit says:

Wow….its a great idea!

Venu says:

Nice idea. But it work for me 🙁

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