Turn Off Sound in Chrome Browser Tabs with MuteTab

2 August 2011 By Varun

It happens so many times when we have multiple tabs open on our browser and suddenly one of them starts playing sounds or some music. This is one of the most annoying irritant if you work with a huge number of tabs because most of the time you have to rely on hit and try method, to know who is the culprit. Fortunately now there is a chrome extension which finds and mutes the tab for you.



MuteTab searches within embedded HTML tags such as <object>, <applet>, <audio> and <video> as these are the main tags that play music. Once detected, the extension highlights that tab by changing its icon to MuteTab icon. After that you can right click on that particular page and select “Mute”. There is also an option to automatically mute all the tabs playing music.

Download MuteTab from here

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