Top Free Indian Railway Applications for Android Phones

1 August 2011 By Sourojit

Railways play a vital role whenever we plan a travel anywhere across the country. But the process that we have to go through before the seat reservation is a tedious one. Not only that, there are many situations where we do not have confirmed tickets till the last moment. Here we have to keep check on our PNR status. If you have an Android device with you, this task can be made easier. Here is a list of free Indian Railway applications for android users.

Free Indian Railway applications for Android users


IndRail is easy to use and gives information such as current PNR Status, Seat Availability, Fare Enquiry and information of any train. It is fast and user friendly with simple user interface. IndRail also provides notification service that monitors your PNR status every 2 hours and alerts you of any changes automatically.

Indian Rail Info App

Indian Rail Info App allows you to get information about Indian Railways with PNR Status, train search, seat availability, new train number finder, Arrival & Departure, Train Running Status, Seat Upgrade Status and Fare Enquiry.


TravelIndia is a simple application which provides you with your PNR status.

Indian Railway Train Alarm

Indian Railway Train alarm will track the running status of train and alert you in case the train is late or running before time. With it you can also download train schedule. It also tracks the PNR status of your travel ticket. In case your waiting list is confirmed, the application will notify you.

Indian Railway Schedule

Indian Railway Schedule gives latest update on trains arrival and departure time schedule. You just have to provide station name and the train list passing through that station in next 24 hours will be automatically fetched. Then you can view the train schedule.

PNR status

PNR status has a simple interface. Here you can enter your PNR number to get status information. It works extremely fast and you can also connect your IRTC account with it.


A_PNR4IndianRail is a simple application to get PNR status. Only thing you need to do in enter your PNR number.

These applications are helpful for every situation, you can select them according to your needs. Personally I prefer Indian Railway Train alarm, Indian Rail Info App for multipurpose use and PNR status for checking just the status, its very fast. So what’s your favorite Railway App?



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