Lock Windows Mouse and Keyboard Automatically with Child Lock

14 August 2011 By Sourojit

Accidental key presses are eminent while working on Windows. Specially in cases if you have kids at home who are always after keyboard and mouse. So the problem arises when you leave your system for few minutes. One way to stop this is using the default Windows lock feature. This locks the whole active desktop and brings you to the logon screen. This method will not work automatically and you have to manually lock it every time. Another way to do this is Child Lock.

Child Lock is a small freeware Windows application. It provides you with handful of options for locking Keyboard or mouse. Hence you can scroll through the active window but cannot make any changes to it.

The Auto lock feature can lock windows after ten minutes of inactivity. You can also manually activate the lock as desired. To unlock Windows you can press ALT+ HOME key.

Features of Child Lock

  • Can be set to auto lock after a period of inactivity – stops little fingers once you have left the PC.
  • Can block out windows control keys – switch out of the current application.
  • Can slow down the mouse, stop auto repeat – assists young ones just getting used to a mouse and keyboard.

Download: Child Lock


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