Easily Control Screen Brightness on Android Devices with InvisiBright

8 August 2011 By Sourojit

To save battery life we generally keep Android device’s screen brightness manually at lower levels. But when outdoor we need to readjust the brightness level to maintain readability. To do this we can go to display settings and then increase or decrease the brightness. Another way to do it easily is using the power widget. The power widget makes things simpler but it does not provide full control over brightness. It allows you to increase or decrease brightness in few levels. InvisiBright is a smarter way to perform this task.

InvisiBright is a small android application that allows you to increase or decrease brightness in two ways. You can either do it by tilting the phone upwards or downwards i.e. by using the phones accelerometer or by touching and sliding the phone screens up and down. Unlike the power widget this application provides you full control of brightness.

After installation the icon will appear on notification bar. You can select it first and then perform the action using pre-defined method.

Download: InvisiBright




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