Browser Add-ons To Get Old Facebook Chat Back [Download]

26 July 2011 By Varun

If you are annoyed of the new chat system introduced by Facebook, and want to get rid of it then here are two add-ons that work on various browsers that will solve your problem. Before proceeding any further remember that both these add-ons work only on Windows.


The first add-on, aptly named Fix The New Facebook Chat, has been released by a frustrated Facebook user to solve the issue. With Fix The New Facebook Chat installed, users will only see the online and idle contacts while it hides all the offline friends, just like the previous Facebook chat interface. Another good thing about this extension is that it does not mess-up with group chat and new search feature. The only negative thing about this add-on is that it is available only for Google Chrome.

Download Fix The New Facebook Chat from here


The second extension called Facebookjs is developed by Tal Ater, who also happens to be the guy who first discovered the codes about the Skype-powered video chat feature. Unlike the above add-on Facebookjs works on Firefox, as well as on Google Chrome. Tal Alter is also working on a fix for Mac and Linux users.

Download Facebookjs from here

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