How to Search, Play and Download Online Music for Free

21 March 2011 By Sourojit

When it comes to music, anyone will want to get their favorite tracks in an easy and quick way. Most of us have our specific sites or download managers with the help of which we usually download these songs. But if we don’t get the particular track that we are looking for, then what? We often have to browse through net to get a proper download link and this could become  highly time consuming and irritating.

So let us hear about a free online music search engine. Its name is Riptune. It works completely online so there is no fuss about downloading or installing any software.

How to Work with Riptune

Riptune takes minimal keywords for searching. All we got to do is be online and go to Riptune. Here the search can be done by placing the name of the track or artist or the name of the album.

The search returns the result mainly in three columns, Title, Artist and Album. The next thing you got to do is to select any of the results and Riptune will give you the link for downloading the Mp3 file.

Apart from downloading the link you can do something else too. Riptune not only can help you download but also play the music online on the browser. For doing this we have to select the “play it now” button. The important thing here is that you are allowed to maintain an online playlist.

So when you get the link after clicking on any of the search result, you can also add this track to the playlist online or play it on the browser you are using. The playlist here can be altered if you wish to change it. And also tracks can be downloaded from the links that are present in the playlist.

There is some interesting stuff about the online music player. You can also change its background appearance and volume settings.

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