How to keep Old Documents Organized for Quick Access

5 March 2011 By Sourojit

File management is always a tough job if you are a person who has enormous amount of files. Then it gets very difficult if you want to go through all the files you where viewing or working last week or the last month or even long back. Searching long for a document not only wastes our time but also hampers our mood to work at that point.

To avoid these situations Nemo Documents is at your help. Nemo Documents is a free software that manages files for you. The uniqueness of this software is that is organizes files visually into a calendar style basis this is somewhat similar to outlook or Google calendar.

The options that we get for filtering the view of our files are based on type, folder, user defined tags, or Gmail style stars. It is also possible for you to connect to your Google account and add the Google calendar events time line or calendar view on the desktop, just beside your files.

How it Works

Upon installation it stays in the system tray and can be accessed by right clicking on it. You can also access it by Pressing hotkey combination win+n. Normally in a system the files in the hard drive have a creation, modification, and access dates. Thus taking into account these properties its very much possible to implement a calendar style organization structure that lays them out visually.

What Nemo Documents does is, it keeps working in the background using Windows desktop search and monitors changes to the directories that you have chosen. We can go for a weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. viewing type or a simple list view devoid of any time span. And as said above the filter sorts the files by either type, specific folder, or by typing something in the search box.

These filters are per defined in the program and you can easily go and add to or edit them.You can also put Labels on the files which are user defined tags that can be used to filter the files in any view.

If you want google calendar events to appear in the time line as “calendar” files it is possible to include them by signing in your Google account through the application. It appears as a little calendar icon next to the date, hence it becomes easy to spot documents with events.

Nemo Documents is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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