How to Delete History, Cookies and Cache of Multiple Browsers at Once

9 March 2011 By Sourojit

Cleaning your browser is a bit of a time taking job if you are a person who has a very tight schedule or if you are someone who uses different browsers for different work and especially in a single system. Then cleaning becomes a headache for most of us. It would be of great help if you had a tool that will take care of erasing all the history of the browser along with all the other files which are collected during the use of net. These files are accumulated and very tedious a work to find them and get rid of them from the system.

Browser Cleaner is free software that helps you do this job effortlessly. This program supports internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Avant, Flash player and Java run time environment.

So all you have to do is select all of the above and Browser Cleaner will erase all that you do on internet which will include history, temporary files and any traces of visited websites. Or if you want you can click on the option button of any browser and customize their cleaning.

After web surfing there are a lot of unwanted records of visited websites, cookies and cache. These files not only keeps your online activity but also occupy disk space, hence cleaning these files helps you save disk space.

There is also a portable Browser Cleaner available for you. This comes handy for cleaning up temporary files from your system without installation. It’s portability makes it easier and extremely necessary when you are using internet from public places like cyber cafe. So now you can browse your favourite sites without the trouble of cleaning your system securely and worry about your hard drive space that gets occupied with hundreds of useless files.

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Joel says:

however these history, cookies and cache helps to load pages faster rite ?…so deleting all of them would be like starting from scratch..

winn232002 says:

Hey Joel:
Web pages and sites are dynamic- changing all the time. Why would you want to bog yourself down in future sessions by lugging around a lot of old data (baggage). If you clear the caches, and cookies after each session, the next time you visit the page it will be fresh and up to date. You’ll be better off and your computer will ultimately be MORE responsive.
If you don’t need to often backtrack to pages you have been to, then bookmark pages you want to return to and clear the history also.

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