Sony NGP Videos [PSP2]

2 February 2011 By Shashank

NGP pics 5

Sony’s NGP, the real successor of PSP has been unveiled by Sony in Japan recently, here are a few videos of the NGP [PSP2] in action and I’m sure you will love them. The tech and usability of the device allows incredible entertainment on the go, too bad it will only become available in Q4,2011 and not earlier.

Uncharted on PSP2

Little Deviants – This game makes use of the rear capacitive sensors.

NGP Conference Video

Via Gamespot Channel

More: High resolution pics of NGP

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UdiT says:

WOW…really impressed by the videos…
I believe its the ultimate portable media device ever created..!!
Thank you SONY…..i love you!

rypafire says:

yeah! I agree.. i can say that this is better than 3DS.

XerveX says:

NGP: Nintendo Got Pawed!

andy says:

totally agree…NGP’s gonna rock for sure.

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