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12 January 2011 By Varun


It happens so many times that you come across a document which you want to view, but unfortunately you do not have any office bundle installed on your system. This problem can be easily solved by Zoho Viewer, which is one of the best Google Docs alternative I have seen. Zoho Viewer not only opens and edits various documents, but it is also capable of converting the file format of wide variety of documents.


Here is the complete list of supported documents:

Microsoft Office Formats

  • doc / docx – Microsoft Word Document
  • xls / xlsx – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • ppt / pptx – Microsoft PowerPoint
  • pps – PowerPoint Slideshow

OpenDocument Formats

  • odt – OpenDocument Text
  • ods – OpenDocument Spreadsheet
  • odp – OpenDocument Presentation

OpenOffice Formats

  • sxw – OpenOffice.org Writer Document
  • sxc – OpenOffice.org Calc Spreadsheet
  • sxi – OpenOffice.org Impress Presentation

More Rich Text Formats

  • wpd – Corel Word Perfect Document
  • pdf – Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF viewer is in experimental stage)
  • rtf – Rich Text Format
  • html – Hyper Text Markup Language
  • txt – Plain Text Document

More Spreadsheet Formats:

  • csv – Comma Separated Values
  • tsv – Tab Separated Values

Zoho Viewer can be easily accessed via IE6+, Firefox 1.5+, Opera9+, Chrome 4+, and Safari 3+. The service has very few limitation, with file size limit of upto 10MB as one of them.


Zoho Viewer allows user to keep his document on Zoho’s servers for as long as he wish. To maintain your privacy, every document uploaded will get a random URL to be viewed later. So, no one can view your document unless he has the specific URL.


The best thing about Zoho Viewer is that it does all this for free, and you do not even need to sign up to use it. Click here and give Zoho Viewer a shot.

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Ashley says:

If you haven’t already I would recommend checking out Dooster too. I’ve been using it as my online service for all my document needs: http://www.dooster.net

scott says:

Is Zoho viewer the same as the collaborative Zoho software? For collaboration we use Dooster too and enjoy it. We looked at Zoho too when we were choosing and it looked very good but for no particular reason chose Dooster mainly as it appeared to be much the same.

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