PS3 Custom Firmware with PEEK/POKE

10 January 2011 By Shashank

The latest PS3 custom firmware with patched lv2 kernel has been released just moments ago, guys named Netkas and flukes1 from psx-scene has successfully patched the lv2 kernel that enables Backup Managers to work with PS3 firmware 3.55.

Backup Manager for PS3 firmware 3.55

The PS3 CFW with PEEK/POKE is also available for download, in a ready to flash PS3UPDATE.pup. However there are no backup managers available as of now for firmware version 3.55, but we are expecting them real soon. Once the backup manager becomes available you will be able to backup your PS3 games locally and they can be played without inserting Blu-ray game disks.

Download Custom Firmware with Backup Manager Support on PS3 v3.55

Download link | Filename: Ps3 3.55 pup | Size : 170.6 MB

To install this custom firmware, use the standard updating procedure from USB drives.

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robin says:

Nice i can’t wait for a more refined and working PS3 custom firwmare that actually support backup manager or a inbuilt one will also be good.

I’ve been waiting for to backing up all my games into PS3 hard disk, imagine the low loading times in games and not to mention the performance improvements in games like GT5.

Ashrey Beecham says:

Yes and i am going to rent 30 games in a month and backup all of em on an external hard drive.. (:

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