How to Watch YouTube Videos & Listen to Grooveshark Music with Friends

31 January 2011 By Sourojit

Media Streaming sites like YouTube and Grooveshark are popular and rich sources to meet our entertainment requirements online. One can easily watch videos or listen to music on these websites without the need of any registration or creating an account.

Performing the above mentioned tasks alone is easy. But it’s always fun to do certain tasks with friends together. For instance, watching a funny video on YouTube or listening to a new album release. Sharing links can be one way to share interesting stuffs with friends but what if you want to enjoy those moments together with friends? Yes this can be easily done with Surf2gether.

Surf2gether is a free and easy to use web service that allows you to watch YouTube videos and listen to Grooveshark music together. You do not even have to create an account or register to enjoy the service.

Using Surf2gether

Once you are on Surf2gether the first thing you will need is to select a nick name to create a web room where you can be with your friends.

As the room is created you will get a link which you can send to your friends. This link will let them Join the room created by you.

On the application menu you can find applications like YouTube and Grooveshark. Select the appropriate application according to your choice. Surf2gether is still in its beta stage and there is an indication that more applications will be added in future.

When you have selected a service, it will launch in the same room, in you tube you can search for videos and play them. As soon as a video is selected the link appears at the side chatting bar. This link can be used instantly by friends to watch the video.

It works similarly for Grooveshark, you can make searches for latest audio songs to listen. The Link will appear, which can be used by friends to listen to the same song directly within the web room.

The sidebar can also be used to send general messages to friends present in the chat room. This is very helpful to share opinions about the media you are sharing.

Surf2gether is overall a useful website t0 interact and share interests with friends. Its easy to with and the simplicity with clear interface score additional points.

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