How to View All Hidden Files & Folders at One Place in Windows

17 January 2011 By Sourojit

While working on our computer systems we store large amount of important data every now and then. These can be anything for instance office documents, family pictures, personal files etc. You may never want these files to be accessed by anyone else. The best and secure way to do this task is using a good file encryption software. But still there are many people who prefer this goold old way of hiding files and folders in Windows for security. Read on to know how you can easily manage hidden files in Windows.

Well, if you are following this method to keep your files and folders away from others then at a point of time there will be dozens of hidden files in your system. With these many hidden files and folders gradually it becomes very difficult in later stages to find out files. This happens specially when you are not hiding files at one place rather doing this at several locations in a drive.

If you are facing trouble searching for files that you have hidden or do not remember which files you have hidden then Find Hidden is the exact application at your help.

Find Hidden is a freeware and portable application for all version of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It helps you to view all hidden files and folders at specific locations or whole drive.

Using Find Hidden

Using this application is extremely easy. It has a single workable window with all options present in it. The main window can be categorized in 3 parts as given below.

Inputs: In this part you have to select the input drive to scan for. There is also option to look for only hidden files or hidden directories. From System Tools you can enable option to view hidden system files. Your search can be narrowed by directly providing extension of files you are looking for i.e .doc, .jpeg etc. This is an optional input, you may leave it if you are unsure of the file extension you are searching for.

Search Criteria: In this part you can further narrow your search. It provides file size range and also dates of file creation, modification and last access to search for. By default these options are disabled and can left as it is if the file details are not known to you.

Result: After you have filled all search criteria, you can click on Search button to begin the search. Detailed search result will be shown, with file locations, creation, modification, last access dates, file attributes and file size.

Customizing Find Hidden

This application can be customized to look the way you want. To do this go to File-> Application Preferences. Here you can customize search result appearances, application skin, date separators etc.

This application is extremely useful and can save our time to a great extent. But as it is a portable application it can also be used to breach your privacy by other people if they get hold of your system. It can extract your hidden within few seconds, So If you are hiding critical data for security purpose then you must try freeware file encryption applications like 1 Second Folder Encryption, File Encryption, Rohos Mini Drive, BestCrypt Traveller.

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