How to Jailbreak iPad on Windows

3 January 2011 By Shashank

This is an update to my previous iPad Jailbreak tutorial, in this post we will be upgrading our iPad to the latest firmware version 4.2.1 and then will jailbreak using the latest Redsn0w jailbreaking tool. First things first, update your iTunes to the latest version which is 10.1.1 as of now and after that follow the step by step instructions with screenshots to jailbreak your iPad.

How to Jailbreak iPad on Windows

  • Download Latest Redsn0w jailbreak software redsn0w_win_0.9.6b6 – Download Link.
  • Upgrade your iPad firmware to latest version 4.2.1 from iTunes.
  • Now Double click on the Redsn0w.exe file.
  • Select the iPad firmware downloaded from Step 2 by going to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates (In Windows 7).

ipad jailbreak step 1

  • On the Redsn0w application select “Install Cydia” and click Next.

ipad jailbreak step 2

ipad jailbreak step 3

  • Enter DFU Mode

If this is not your first time you should be comfortable entering your iPad into DFU mode. To enter DFU Mode just press “Power button” for 2 seconds don’t release it, now press “Home button” for 10 seconds simultaneously with “Power button”, now release the “Power button” and keep pressing “Home button” for 10 seconds.

ipad jailbreak step 4 -after dfu mode

ipad jailbreak success

  • Now run the Redsn0w software again and this time use the option ”Just boot tethered right now”. It will boot again and you will have a working Cydia App inside, update Cydia sources and you are done.

Congratulations your have successfully jailbreaked your iPad.

Note: As of now, the jailbreak for iPad firmware 4.2.1 is tethered, which means if you shutdown/restart your iPad then you have follow the last step again.

Tested the above jailbreak method on iPad 16 GB on Windows 7.

Download iPad 4.2.1 iOS IPSW

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