How to Install Custom Firmware on PS3 [Safe Method]

20 January 2011 By Shashank

Yesterday a new PS3 custom firmware developed by Kmeaw was released that is easy to install and unlike waninkoko’s CFW, is perfectly safe too. Here we will be providing you step by step instructions for installing the latest custom firmware v3.55 on PS3. The instructions are quite easy to follow even for the beginners. Kmeaw CFW 3.55 also supports backup managers using a lv2 patcher which must be executed everytime you wish to run the backup managers.

How to Install Custom Firmware on PS3 [Kmeaw CFW 3.55]

Step 1: Install OFW 3.55, if you are already on original firmware 3.55 skip this.

If you have previously installed any other CFW, install OFW 3.55 before proceeding.

Step 2: Download Kmeaw CFW from multiupload

Step 3: Extract and transfer the PS3UPDAT.PUP it to your USB Drive, the directory should be like this

PS3 CFW location

Step 4: Plug the USB Drive to your PS3

Step 5: Go to Settings –> System Update – Select Update via Storage Media

2011-01-20 14.40.36 2011-01-20 14.41.11

From Russia with love.

2011-01-20 14.42.04

Proceed with installation.

Step 6: After installation, you should now be able to see app_home and Install Package Files options in XMB.

2011-01-20 14.48.35

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Custom Firmware on your PlayStation 3.

With this CFW you can also backup your legit PS3 games using any of the backup managers available for v3.55.

Tested this on Indian PS3 running OFW 3.55.

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Udit says:

WOW!!…was waiting 4 this day..!!

Somesh says:


Casket says:

Some games load with a black screen. It is not freezing because you can exit out of the game like normal, just can’t see anything but a black screen. I’ve noticed this with a few games already. What exactly is causing this. I’m thinking maybe its a euro version trying to be played on a usa ps3. If you’ve had this problem and no the solution please let me know. Thank you.

trotskii says:

yep. now iam ready lets goooooo. happy days..

kev says:

OK i must be missing somthing here or doing somthing wrong as i have 3.55OFW on my ps3 and when i try to install this i get a message saying (the latest version of system software is allready installed. there is no need to update.) ……….Why, am i doing somthing wrong or what??

Deuce says:

Do it in system restore mate

yahya says:

press the power bottom until u hear 2 beeb ind directly press it again until u hear another beeb u will see the back up state u can see update from there just press select and start and follow the instruction
sorry for my bad language

atan says:

anyone know where i can download original firmware 3.55 before installed custom firmware kmeaw 3.55 ? thx for help.

Dhruv says:

Can i do this on the a 3.60 PS3?

Raj says:

U can download ofw 355 here

Raj says:

Yuran Peixoto says:

can i do it on 3.56


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