How to Backup PS3 Games

20 January 2011 By Shashank

In the last few days, a lot of PS3 homebrew tools were released. New versions of Backup managers, Emulators are now available for the PS3 firmware 3.55. With the latest PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 you can now backup your owned PS3 games to PS3 hard drive and can play them without going through the trouble of changing Blu-ray discs. In this tutorial we will show you how to copy your PS3 games from Blu-ray to PS3 hard disk using the multiMan backup manager.

How to Backup/Copy PS3 Games to HDD

  • You must have CFW firmware installed for backup manager to work. Use this tutorial to install 3.55 CFW
  • Download multiMAN backup Manager – megaupload
  • Download lv2 package file
  • Extract and transfer the multiMAN and lv2 package files to USB Drive
  • Connect USB Drive to PS3 and go to Install Package Files

2011-01-20 14.48.35

  • Install lv2 package
  • Now Install multiMAN package
  • Run lv2 from the game directory–> White Screen –> Press X to return
  • Run multiMAN
  • Now insert PS3 Blu-ray game disc that you want to backup to PS3 hard rive

2011-01-20 15.07.24

Press “O” to copy

2011-01-20 15.07.44

2011-01-20 15.08.14

2011-01-20 15.32.39

Wait for the copy to Finish.

multiMAN will now show two instances of PS3 game, one local and one on BR.

2011-01-20 15.33.00

Congratulations, you have just backed up your PS3 game to hard drive.

As you can see, tested the above method to back up Sports Champion on PS3 HDD.

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Udit says:

Now next step is upgrading PS3 HDD…lol!

Somesh says:

nice tutorial

jg says:

Wow, thanks, now i can take the strain off of my disc drive sometimes

Ashrey Beecham says:

udit you can just buy big external HDD and transfer game on it

techotrack says:

Nice posts. Your blog is very informative.

Jesse says:

can you update the ps3 still and play the games?

Ps3RG says:

Hey can you play online and update ps3 after you do this?

SID says:

lv2 package file link isn’t working
can anybody plz help me ??

my friend got more than 22 games (Ps3)

i just purchased ps3 , with no games

can anybody plz help me how to copy games to my ps3 Hardisk ?? (320GB)

anching says:

cant find the files because they were deleted

andy says:

don’t even try to play online after hacking the ps3, you might get banned. Just play those ps3 games offline.

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