Safely Run Infected and Suspicious Applications on Your PC

24 December 2010 By Sourojit

There are times when we may want to access files and applications that we do not trust. In situations like this having a good Anti-Virus gives a lot of relief in identifying and removing those viruses and malware from our system.

But what if knowingly we have to open a file but our antivirus stops the process and removes the file? Well, the best answer could be to stop the antivirus application momentarily. This again leads to system security threats. The best way to deal this issue is to use a sandbox to run infected/suspicious files.

People who are using anti-virus software like Kaspersky and Avast online security must be well aware of the sandbox mode provided with these applications. Sandbox is a isolated environment that allows you to run applications within it, hence eliminating the threat of system infection.

Sandboxie is a free application that allows you to do the same. It has a paid as well as free version. The only restriction of free version is that you can run one application in sandbox at a time.

Download: Sandboxie

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