Take Ownership Of Restricted System Files by Drag and Drop

22 December 2010 By Sourojit

Sometimes while modifying system components we need access to system files. This is mostly required while customizing windows logon components. By default for security purposes windows does not provide access to all system files, hence accessing them directly is impossible. In situations like this Glass Ownership is a handy tool to use.

Glass Ownership is a freeware windows application that can allow access to restricted system files by making us owner of those files. Using this application is extremely easy. It appears as a glass box perfectly suiting in Windows 7 environment. Only thing that you have to do is drag the file of which you want ownership in this box. Owner of the file will be set as soon as it is dragged into the box.

This application also integrates itself to send to context menu. Sending any application to Glass Ownership from anywhere in windows will grant you permission to access that file. It is a very handy tool and works flawlessly.

Download: Glass Ownership

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