AMD Radeon Cayman HD6970 Specs Leaked

9 November 2010 By Varun


For quite some time now, AMD has been developing a new generation of graphic card named as HD6970. It is said to be based on Cayman architecture, no further information was available about the card, but recently Fudzilla reported that they have got their hands on the specs of this upcoming beast.

According to them, HD6970 will sport 1536 stream processors, 32ROPs, 96 texture units, and 2GB GDDR5 RAM. HD6970 will also feature good connectivity options like, 2 DVI ports, 2 mini display ports, and 1 HDMI port.

These are just some of the specs of this high-end graphics solution, Fudzilla is expecting some more information real soon, and we are keeping an eye out for it as well. So, keep checking back for more updates.

Via Fudzilla

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Crazy says:

Anyone know the release date for these? I was told the end of November but apparently there was a delay issue and release will not be until January… any ideas?

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