How To Get Look and Feel of Firefox 4 in Firefox 3.x

5 August 2010 By Ashish Mundhra


The latest upcoming version of Firefox, which is still in beta phase of development has undergone drastic changes in looks. The new style inspired by Opera and Chrome browsers was basked by all the Firefox lovers. Unfortunately due to add-ons incompatibility with the new version many of the users are still on version 3.x. Well now you can have the look and feel of all new Firefox in version 3.x too.

  • Download and install  Fx4 Addon. The add-on is currently not reviewed by Mozilla, but trust me it will work just fine.
  • After installing and restarting your browser, go to Tool –> Add-ons –> Fx4 Options.
  • Check “Aero Glass” and “Show Tabber on Top” options in the settings.
  • Restart the browser again to get the looks of Firefox 4.

There are few other miscellaneous  options also available such as Show Progress bar on Tabs and Home Button on Tab Bar.

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