How to Customize CTRL+ALT+DEL Option in Windows 7

25 August 2010 By Sourojit

Every one must be familiar with the CTRL+ALT+DEL hotkey combination in windows. This combination is used at times when we experience a full system freeze, it brings up the task manager giving access to other options like lock computer, switch user, change password and log off. But most of the times it is seen that we do not use many of these features. These unwanted entries can be enabled or disabled usingĀ  Tweak CTRL+ALT+DEL Option Tool.CTRL+ALT+DEL Option Tool is windows portable freeware application that allows you to tweak these options easily. Only thing you have to do is run the application and choose the appropriate options that will appear in the CTRL+ALT+DEL menu screen. If you want to change the options you can do it any time just by altering the changes made.

Download: Tweak CTRL+ALT+DEL Option Tool

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