Write Notes With Multiple Attachments and Share them Online

7 August 2010 By Sourojit

There are times when we need to share notes and documents with our friends and family. There are many ways to share notes and documents online nowadays but most of them require sign-ups and other details hence taking away bit time.  But what if we need the notes to be looked over and modified by our friends instantly? Write.fm is a simple answer to this.

Write.fm is an easy to use free web service that allows to write simple text documents. These texts can also be copied and pasted from text editors present on our system. You can also add different files as attachment to the text which appears at bottom of the text editor.

Write.fm provides an unique name that will be made the URL for your text. You can also change this link according to your choice and share them with your friends. Opening this link will directly open the text and your friends can instantly edit and modify this text for you. There are no security measures taken for safety of your document. So the only way to keep the document safe is to share the link with trusted friends only.

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