Xbox 360 Dual-Mode Controller to Feature Easy Wired/Wireless Mode Swap

21 July 2010 By Ashish Mundhra


Few months back Razer rolled out a mouse in the market named Razer’s Mamba which had the capability to switch between wired and wireless mode according to user’s wish. The feature helped the user to be slothful in daily work  via wireless mode and precisely accurate in gaming world  through wired mode. Now Microsoft has applied for Patent to bring the above feature to Xbox 360 controllers.


The above picture features the patent of Microsoft dual-mode Xbox 360 controller that can be used as both wired and wireless mode. Microsoft says that with the introduction of wired controllers, the latency of the controllers will be reduced providing lesser response time and higher sensitivity.

Now the question arises that, is it worth while to buy the new dual mode controllers just to gain an extra millisecond to shoot the zombies?

[via US Patent and Gizmodo]

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