How to Root Samsung Galaxy S

22 July 2010 By Shashank

root galaxy s easily

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S is fairly easy, today we will tell you step by step instructions to root the Samsung Galaxy S. We’ve rooted our brand new Samsung Galaxy S India version (GT-I9000) using this method and it works great. Before we start please understand that standard disclaimers apply and we should not be held responsible if anything goes wrong with your Galaxy S. Rest assured it is very easy, the tutorial below can be used even by the beginners.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S Tutorial

  1. Download the file for rooting Galaxy S from the following locations Download from Rapidshare | Download from Hotfile | Filesize: 1.2 MB

Update: Root for Android 2.2 on Galaxy S is also out, download this and follow the steps below.

  1. Select Mass Storage on your phone by going to Settings –> About phone –> USB Settings –> Mass Storage
  2. Connect your Galaxy S via bundled USB and turn on USB Storage by going to top sliding menu which has controls for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc and tap on USB connected
  3. Transfer file downloaded in step 1 to the root folder of Galaxy S (for eg. D:\ ) where D is the Galaxy S drive.
  4. Now shut down your Galaxy S and unplug the USB cable
  5. Now Simultaneously press Home, Volume+(top volume) and Power button for a few seconds, the phone will boot itself  into Android System Recovery mode and you will be presented with the following screen                                                                                                                  IMG_0809
  6. Use Volume button to navigate to apply sdcard: and press Home button to select it and start the rooting procedure
  7. Galaxy S will reboot

Congrats you’ve just rooted your Samsung Galaxy S successfully

Credits: Leshak

To Check if your device has root access, install “Terminal Emulator” android app from Market and type su in the command line and press enter, it will ask your permission if you want to allow root access, screenshot below.

Galaxy s root access

You will also have a icon named “Superuser permissions” on your Homescreen to manage root access permissions.

Here is the screenshot of my Galaxy S running LauncherPro using ShootMe (requires root acess) screenshot app.

android screenshot superuser

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the above tutorial.

Update: Galaxy S Root FAQs

Many Galaxy S users ask this question “Why root Galaxy S?”

– Read our forum post on Must have Root Apps, if you require any of those apps you will need to root your phone.

Will rooting Galaxy S delete my data, apps etc?

No, it will not, infact your phone will not be affected in any way. Rooting just provides unlimited access to Android system files.

Can i Unroot my Galaxy S?

Yes, Read How to Unroot Galaxy S

Important Update:

Latest update to this rooting tutorial is now available, all the latest official 2.2 Galaxy S firmwares can be rooted using this tutorial to root Android 2.2.

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Android 166 comments


Anuj says:

If i root would the touchwiz functionality be affected? cuz i really like it, it keeps it simple and easy to use…

Shashank says:

Touchwiz will be there, root only provides root access for added functionality, all the previous installed packages will remain intact.

also try LauncherPro.

yashwant says:

after rooting my phone it will delet touchwiz user interface or not or i have to use some kind off launcher

in my set i have a green line left corner of my screen you can easley see it in notifcation area you can check on your device phone and tell me that you have this problem or not

Shashank says:


Touchwiz interface will be there after rooting.

Yes it is easily visible in the notification area. But it is hardly a problem. Infact it is only visible prominently in the top down menu.

Jay says:

I can’t do it… when i install it, i showed the error… (no such file or directory) installation aborted. can someone help me pls…

Shashank says:

Are you stuck on step 7 ?

please check that you have put the file in the root directory of your Galaxy S without extracting.

Jay says:


Yes, i didn’t extract it. i juz copy and paste to my sd card. Do i need to install any driver before rebooting my device?

Shashank says:


No, you don’t need any driver, all steps are written above.
Please go through them again and this time try with new file, yes download again.

In step 6, do you get a screen showing apply ?

also make sure you use the galaxy s internal memory and not the external microSD card. Just take out the external memory card before following the above steps.

m12xxt says:

can u root it, then unroot it after for warranty purposes? thank u.

Shashank says:


Yes, you can, but that requires flashing the original firmware and you must have access to it, as original Galaxy S firmwares for some regions are not available yet.

bonjovi says:

i cant seem to get the file from PC to my galaxy. Is an SD card mandatory to transfer files to the galaxy?

Shashank says:

Nope there is no need to insert any extra card, internal storage of Galaxy S works fine, just connect using the “mass storage mode” and transfer

Kok Huang says:

May i know after i root my phone,why i couldn’t use my launcher Pro anymore?

Shashank says:

@Kok Huang
you have to select Launcher Pro again, if it doesn’t work try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Launcher Pro on my rooted Galaxy S is working fine.

Kok Huang says:

Already reinstall dy,when i couldn’t choose the Launcher Pro when i press the home button.If there any ways to choose Launcher pro?

melhijat says:

Does it work on updated Galaxy (2.2. Froyo)?
I did everything “by the book”, but still no root access.
Seems that we should wait for a different version to work with the Froyo version

Shashank says:

@Kok Huang

Have u tried restarting your Galaxy S?

It seems you tried with wrong

Anyways the Post has been updated to work with Froyo now.

Just download this
and follow the above steps.

I’ve tested this Froyo root and its working fine.

Fish says:

@Jay, try to rename the file, you’ve proberly still have the name: instead of

This problem solved it for me.

Fish says:

Is their a for the Android 2.2 XXJ3?

Shashank says:


root for Andriod 2.2 XXJ3 ROM not available yet.

Adam says:

Wat happens if I install the Froyo 2.2 instead of waiting for the Samsung Galaxy’s 2.2? Wat different would it make?

Anuj says:

@shashank thnx a lot buddy it works great! Did you notice any difference in connecting to kies after root?

Shashank says:


When Samsung releases Galaxy S 2.2 update, it will be final build free from bugs. The 2.2 builds available right now are in development phase and have some bugs.

I rarely use Kies, however there won’t be any difference.

and guys a new Indian Galaxy S 2.1 firmware I9000DDJG4 is out

Stuart Reid says:

If I wanted to root my galaxy s… If I needed to reverse it, is there an original firmware avaiable for the i9000 xxjf3…. And if si where would I find it! Thanks in advance!

wEa says:

will i lose my current setting and all of my installed apps if i root my sgs ???

geekinwhite says:

I have a Samsung Galaxy S which I’ve just flashed to Froyo.

Ok I did all the steps above. When I connect my phone via USB, I see 3 folders, .android secure, DCIM and LOST.DIR. This is the correct root folder right? So I tried to paste the but I get the ‘disc is write protected’ warning.

How do I get around this?

Shashank says:

@Stuart Reid

very soon there will be official 2.2 firmware for Galaxy S, upgrading to it will restore your warranty if that what you mean. For firmwares visit

no you will not loose anything, your phone will remain as it is, you will just have root access.

yes that is the correct root folder.
btw if you have memory card installed, try the steps after removing it.

Dan says:

I just cant get to the Android System Recovery Mode. It keeps booting to the OS.
If i keep the 3 buttons press i get the Samsung Galaxy S to show then disapear, then show then ….
Any idea?

GstaGsta says:


release the power button after system starts up, but keep pressing other two keys!

Narayan says:

Hi… I’m trying to root my SGS that has Android 2.2 (I9000XXJP3) but i can’t root it. It returns the following error:

Signature verification error

Can you guys help me?

ryan says:

once u done this can it be removeD?

chiareu says:

hi, tried and on froyo with the correct .zip file: signature verification failed. Installation aborted

Enigmadtop says:

Are you supposed to hold down both the Up & Down volume arrow keys in order to get into recovery mode? Or just the up key?

Tijs says:

I love it. works great with me (galaxy s i9000 2.1-update1 ECLAIR I9000XXJF3 )

I doubled the speed with setCPU!!

Thank you!

edward says:

Can i root my Galaxy S I9000 with firmware I9000ZSJP3 someone please help. Thanks…….

balbir says:

i hav a sgs wid rom DDJG4 … can i root my device ???

Ajax says:

i’ve got a galaxy 3. will the same update file work?

Irish Kev says:

Hi OP,Nice post.

Have did everything as instructed in all the steps.
Super user icon has appreared on my phone, with the little ninja.

My only problem is,on Terminal emulator, when I enter the line su I get the following message.:

‘su: not found’

Any suggestions?


simmy says:

It doesn’t work on Galaxy S with new Froyo 2.2 JPH. give signature error, installation aborted.


can anyone help me?

Craig says:

I have the same problem, update worked, application appeared but no su from a terminal.

There is another way using a ‘lag fix’ application from the market but this didn’t root the phone either.

More googling!

Casper says:

@Irish Kev
Install busybox

GstaGsta says:

I have now installed JPH.


Phone now can be used as WIRELESS accespoint. This reply is written on my netbook, connected via WIFI with my Galaxy… data only 3g because of poor signal in my home, but wcdma would be possible outside!


Adri says:

Hi, i can’t get into recovery mode. i hold volume up button, power button and home button and release power but hold the other two and nothing happens just turns on as usual. is there a chance that this method doesn’t work for newer sgs phones??? i really want to root this phone but i just cant get it done.

cg0191 says:

Thank you for making this info available.
I have an Australian SGS from the carrier Optus.
It is not sim locked.
I cannot get into recovery mode same as Adri above.
The three button combination does nothing no matter what I do.

UT One says:

Im having the same problem with the above users, holding home button (middle button perhaps the only button on the front of the phone) then holding the volume button (Up (+)) and holding power button at same time. Splash screen ( samsung GT-I9000 Samsung Galaxy S) blinks, and i held these same buttons for 5 minutes and it was blinking the whole time until i let go then it switched on as usual. Any suggestions?

okizen says:

I have firmware 2.1-Updated1. Can I root this now and will I need to root it again when the official Froyo 2.2 is released?

mista P says:

all i get when i click the download file button,after following the link from top of the page, is a pop up for a online poker room

mista P says:

help me please

Steven says:

Dont use the download button, use the rapidshare link….

Now I can get to recovery but that apply option does not show up in my list… any suggestions?

Sean says:

I have followed the steps and when I click apply I get a red message saying “E:Can’t open /sdcard/ (No such file or directory) Installation aborted.

I have the superuser app with the ninja but when I open it it’s just empty. I downloaded Terminal Emulator and typed su but I just get the message “’su: not found’”

What’s went wrong? Please help guys!


mista p says:

ok iv tried following the links and just keep gettin pop ups its a bag of shit


when i pressed volume up, home and power button it just opens like the way it supposed to open. it dosent go to recovery thingy.. why?? D:

Gary says:

I rooted my phone.

What can I do now?

Travis says:

To those who can’t get into Recovery mode, try Vol- instead of Vol+ 😀

florida166 says:

when I try to do it my phone says:E:signature verification failed Installation aborted.
i’m running froyo 2.2 what did I do wrong?

Jorge says:

I use A2.2 as well. And the installation gets an error and it aborts the installment.

Jala says:

i have done the booting and stuff
and its stuck on downloading do not turn off target
now what???

Robert says:

I’m also getting a verification error when trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S with the official Froyo 2.2 installed.

Minda says:

Verification Error on Froyo 2.2 I9000XXJPM

ohadrh says:

I get an error: E:signature verification failed Installation aborted.

I have froyo 2.2 jpc

Undymus says:

I have a samsung galaxy S 2.1

I cannot connect to kies, I hard reset my phone after rooting and after fix.

I don’t know if my phone is still rooted i still see the ninja and the ase pic. but when i test my phone on quadrant but it is still 800.

myles says:

I just rooted my i9000 with the android 2.2 firmware installed – very good no probs. Then installed the one click lag fix i download from adroid market and just skipped the rooting (wont work with 2.2 dont think) and installed EXT2 tools and one click fix now very high on quadrant and much less lag. very happy

Praveen says:

First update your KIES, then update mobile’s firmware.

But, this update removing USB connection options, we can not use SD card as memory stick after this update.

Pozzy says:

I am unable to enter recovery mode!!
I have tried, vol +, home, power
vol +, home, power (releasing power when loads)
vol -, home, power
vol +, vol -, power
plz help.
I have SGS I9000DTJG3 2.1-update1

Robert says:

Don’t bother trying to get Android 2.2 from Samsung right now, they’ve pull the update away from everyone due to the bugs and unspecified issues in the build. I was able to get mine updated but it’s laggy as hell.

Samsung really needs to dump RFS!!!!

Sid says:

How do i backup my official stock firmware, such that i can un-root my phone and go back to the original firmware?
Is that possible?

Vernon says:

I can’t get to the recovery mode. Do I just press all 3 buttons tgt?

Becky says:

wen i type su in Terminal Emulator it says su not found any suggestions

EA says:

Really liked the simplicity of the article. Thanks.
What’s the performance boost you’re seeing on Quadrant Score?

david says:

hi everyone. ive been trying to root my galaxy forever and coming up with nothing. i have 2.1 update1, ive downloaded the, put it in the galaxys root and entered recovery mode……but theres no option to update…..just reboot, wipe data (factory install) and wipe cache. tried watching every youtube video and reading every forum out there, but noone seem to have come across this issue. any advice is appreciated

ako says:

after rooting my sgs 2.1, i can’t download anymore from the market

Galaxar says:

Some SGS i9000 handsets were released to the market with recovery mode disabled.

I have one & obviously so do many others posting here.
There is literally nothing you can do except wait & pray the next official firmware re-enables it.

Sux uh?

George says:

Thanks guys, spot on! Any other ways to get the most from this phone?

HAROLD says:

Hey will rooting galaxy s with android froyo help in increasing its speed coz after installing the update i.e. android 2.2 my device has gone very slow and is rooting the device risky like severe damage or something……………………………………….THANKS…

Luc says:

i still get the verification error please help me… i got froyo 2.2

HAROLD says:

Hey ‘pozzy’ if u hav samsung galaxy s gt i9000 then u can try the following combinations to enter the recovery mode…
first shut down ur device
then hold the volume +.. home button.. and the power button
then after the logo comes ” samsung galaxy s” immediatly hold
volume -.. home button.. and the power button…..
and thr u r in the recovery mode…

911mic says:

No Signature verification failure!


Take out external SD Card!

follow instructions here to root galaxy s i9000, see video :

after this the device is rooted , reboot your device.

Download RyanZA’s OCLF 2.0 in the app market , open it and

click EXT2 and after that One Click Lag Fix 2.2+

All DONE!!

Mike J says:

I also get this
E:signature verification failed Installation aborted.

tom m says:

i cant get into recovery mode. volume up + home button + power button = samsung galaxy s loading screen repeatedly appearing, please help.

Keith says:

The 2.2 version gives a verification error and aborts the installation.

Joel says:

I get the same error most froyo users seem to get. I updated my phone to 2.2 yesterday. Version is I9000XXJPP.
Noticed my phone got sluggish and lagged so i tried to root it so i can use one click lag fix.
Downloaded the right zipfile onto my phone and rebooted it and brought up the console.
Choose the and got this:

Install from sdcard
Finding update package…
Opening update package…
Verifying the update package…
E:\signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

Have tried several times. Is there a fix for this somehow?

Jay P says:

I have bought a T-mobile unlocked phone with 2.1 installed. Is it ok to root it? Should I root it to 2.1 or 2.2? Will it remain unlocked after rooting it? Sorry if the questions are stupid but I am quite new to this. Also, is there a way to backup the original (T-mobile) image and restore it in case of a problem?

Thanks in advance…

bug says:

Hi.. I try all the ways mention but i still cant get through recovery mode or download mode.. Can someone plz help?? Using intenational version of the galaxy S

KHAN says:

Hi,Can,t root with froyo.Downloaded the update zip which is for froyo (791 kb) but always gets the following message in red letters
E:signature verification failed.installation aborted
for information i have I9000XXJPP, and build number FROYO.XWJPA

Gustvo12 says:

using z4root in the market. for the root access

Joel says:

The z4root app worked!!!!!! I got the verification failed. installation aborted error too but this solved it and my samsung galaxy s is now rooted. Wohoo!! 🙂

Jeffrey says:

Hi , i couldn’t get into recovery mode by following the steps … can you help ?

hackflash says:

i am at the system recovery screen and i do not have the apply sd…… but it does show update media finished, manual mode- then appling muti-csc….. then installing muti-csc how long does this normally take to reboot? it is just sitting there at the installing message? this is on a samsung galaxy s- thanks

hackflash says:

ii got mine to work- thank you

Alaa Murad says:

You the man , I spent all night trying rooted my Galaxy S …

but this one worked.

Thanks 🙂

jagdish sandhu says:

hey im planning to buy samsung galaxy s i9000,and i want to root my phone..
1) so i want to know that what is the percentage that rooting creats the problm in the phone…..,
2) the phone is available 2.1 (eclair), so i`ll update it in froyo,,so rooting is possible in it…

Sander says:

z4root did the trick for me, since the way didn’t work!

spercoop says:

Hi folks rnning :-
andriod 2.2
baseband xjp
kernel 2.6.32.p
gtI9000-eng2.2master 323 test-keys.332

can any one tell me why now my galaxy s is always 7 mins behind? in time …never sed to be ntill this froyo pdate i did from\here …btw it does work ok the phone and apps all ok jst keeps loosing 7 mis odd any advice would be super


supercoop says:

dam auto correction forgive my spelling folks

samuel says:

hi, what is the meaning of rooting. Also do i have to backup my fon b4 i start the upgrading process. will i get the skype after upgrade?

supercoop says:

Well am in boys finaly updated to 2.2 froyo and rooted too
see below and the best link i found is :-
virgin galaxy s
andrid version 2.2
baseband i9000xjp2
kernal version
build number
gt-19000-eng2.2 master 332 test keys332

ing realy well to also have time synch to atominc clock
so fixed my time loss too


supercoop says:

hey all am sorted now running latest root
got it from

good luck all

Khaos says:

My friend has a galaxy s vibrant but for some reason its locked in demo software, leaving it relatively dysfunctional. So this is a 2 part question. With the power button not working how can we restart the phone to root it? And will rooting it allow us to unlock it and give it full functionality?


  1. problemi root samsung galaxy s - Forum Android Italiano
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