Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 for Windows

7 July 2010 By Varun


Last week we reported about a buggy beta of Firefox 4, which was basically released for developers. Now, Mozilla has released the first public beta of Firefox 4. This version of Firefox 4.0 beta also comes with a Feedback Add-on tab through which you can provide instant feedback to Mozilla about your experience and can help them improve Firefox.

Firefox 4 beta 1 comes with some newly added features:

1. Much improved UI.

2. Faster than Firefox 3.6.

3. Google Chrome like tabs.

4. Support for WebM (HD video), HTML5, privacy, and CSS.

5. All new add-ons manager.

6. Single button Menu bar for faster access (for Windows 7 & Windows Vista only).

Tip: Just refresh/restart in case of crashes and freezes.

At the moment, some of these features are only available for Windows platform, but eventually they will be made avaialble ofor Linux and Mac as well.

Download Firefox 4 Beta for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Download Firefox 4 beta 1 Direct Download | Filename: Firefox Setup 4.0 Beta.exe |  Filesize: 9.0 MB

Update: Since Mozilla has moved onto Firefox 4 Beta 11, hence previous download does not work anymore. So here is the download link for Firefox 4 Beta 11 for Windows.

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Though its in beta but i don’t think I am not going to like the Chrome type tabs. I use Firefox and avoid chrome alot because of Chrome’s ugly looks. I hope there would be an option to remove or change the tabs look.

Khaled Boali says:

help download

firefox 4 direct download?? says:

Direct download link of firefox 4 is not working plz upate..

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