WordPress For Android Version 1.1 Now Available at Android Market

2 April 2010 By Shashank

Your favorite Android application WordPress for Android has now reached version 1.1 with new features and user interface updates, you can download the WordPress App for your Android Smartphones like Droid, Nexus One, HTC Desire, etc. from the Android Market. New tweaks have been added to make this WordPress App more functional and intuitive on Android.

Whats new in WordPress for Android App 1.1

Now you can take and post image directly into your post within WordPress

wordpress for andoird- post image

Tweaked Comment UI

wordpress for android

Now you can select multiple categories while posting or editing a post.

wordpress of android- categories

New UI Design and support for Blavatars

WP for Android blavatars

Support for languages like German, French, Slovak, Finnish and Indonesian has also been added.

How to Download WordPress for Android 1.1

Search Android Market for term “wordpress”  and install the one published by Automattic.

Alternatively scan the following image code  using  “barcode scanner”, which will take you directly to the download location.


Official Android for WordPress blog

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