New iPhone OS 4.0 Features [Rumored]

6 April 2010 By Shashank


Apple has sent a Press Invite to Engadget for a iPhone 4.0 OS event to be held on April 8th, not much details were given except for the fact that Apple will provide a sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS Software.

Lets have a look at rumored New iPhone OS 4.0 features which will power the new iPhone HD

  • Revamping of the HomeScreen User Interface – Its been the same all these years
  • Multi-Tasking – iPhone one of the best smartphone available and it do not support multitasking, isn’t it weird, so expect Apple to include Multi-Tasking in the next iPhone OS 4.0, we are so waiting for this.
  • Improved Application Management  – Apps releases have gone out of control, expect some changes for better app management, also needed to accommodate more apps in the rumored higher resolution iPhone HD
  • Enhanced Voice-to-text integration
  • Video Chatting Feature for iPhone HD (dual camera), may be similar to iChat offering on Mac
  • More Multi-Touch gestures for improved experience

Do you like these new features? or there’s anything else you would like in the iPhone OS 4.0?

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